Healthy Lettuce Tacos w/ Spicy Chicken (Recipe)

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In the mood for something slightly spicy but light and satisfying? Try these spicy chicken lettuce tacos. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Fresh Iceburg Lettuce Leafs, Pre-Cooked White Meat Chicken (Purdue is recommended), Brown Rice, Goya Recaito, Bell Peppers (Red and Orange used here), Minced Garlic, Blue Cheese Crumbles (optional) and Hot Sauce (Sriracha WATTSauce used here.) 

Here’s what to do:

  • Prepare and set aside your lettuce leafs. Make sure they are large enough to hold 2-3 oz of filling. 
  • Heat your skillet to medium heat, add olive oil (2 TBLS), your diced chicken (6oz) your julienne Bell Peppers (3oz) and minced garlic (2 teaspoons). Sauté over medium heat. 
  • Prepare your brown rice (I used Tasty Bite Organic Brown Rice, the 90 second Microwavable Pouch.) 
  • Add 3 oz of Goya Recaito Sauce to your sauté. Cook for 5 more minutes. 
  • Once your brown rice and sautéd fillings are cooked, let sit for about 5 minutes. Let them cool down slightly before adding over your chilled lettuce. 
  • Spoon 1 oz of brown rice over each leaf of lettuce. 
  • Spoon 2 oz of your sauté filling over each leaf of lettuce (use entire batch of filling; portion it out evenly over each leaf.) 
  • Add 1oz of crumbled blue cheese over your tacos (optional.) 
  • Garnish tacos with hot sauce, as much or as little as you like. This recipe used Sriracha Surge WATTSauce
  • Eat and enjoy.

Helpful tip* You’ll have some rice left over in your serving pouch. This can be refrigerated and reused. Keep in the pouch, add a tablespoon of water before reheating in the microwave. Heat for only 50 seconds this time.